LNL is a technology company established in October 2007 in Ankara, METU Technopolis, by expert engineers.

LNL Technology is established in 2007. LNL is a technology company that produces solutions for various sectors with the internet of things (IoT), wireless communication hardware, embedded applications, middleware software, cloud/web-based software capabilities. Since the foundation, LNL Technology has an infrastructure formed by telemetry systems, wireless sensor networks, remote monitoring, and control systems align with the internet of things. It offers products and solutions in firstly the fields of health, telecommunication, smart energy, smart city, and smart agriculture applications.

For all products and solutions provided by LNL Technology product development, design, production, setup, and after-sales services are carried out by LNL. With the R&D team, field installation and maintenance team and production division LNL is providing key delivery system to their customers. Over 10 years of experience within engineering and project services LNL Technology is a reliable solution partner.

LNL Technology is providing RFID Location Tracking Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Medical Isolated Power Systems, Operating Room Control Panels and Emergency Code Systems to City Hospitals organized within the scope of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the health sector.