Control From Everywhere With Both Mobile Phone and Computer

Do you want to control your water pump, hydrophore which have been in your home, greenhouse, workplace or farm by the help of your mobile phone and computer? Would you like to be able to turn on and off your combi boiler in your ranch house? Think that you can lighten everywhere in your garden with only one button. Or do you want to open your light in your home when you are abroad with your arranged schedule.

Everything are in your hand !

Aya Won AC gives a chance to remote control any devices. Also this device allows to manage time period of device. This device works with 2.4 Ghz Zigbee technology and it gives their power in powerlines. There are only 2 cables. You plug male on to your socket and plug female one to your device which you want to control. Thats it.

You can reach up to your device with special Aya mobile application by mobile phone or tablet over the Wifi. The application link will be sended to you with product. 2.4 GHz Zigbee models work as a part of the application of AYA smart home or AYATAR smart farm system.

Technical Features