RFID Inventory Position and Counting System is performed by detecting the passive RFID tags to be attached to the relevant goods with the help of RFID readers. Each passive RFID tag attached to the wooden, plastic or metal surface of the goods has its own identification number. This tag is defined in the system to represent the relevant good. In this way, fixtures, materials in the warehouse, semi-finished products and manufactured products are tracked in the system.


Using the Handheld Terminal RFID reader device, personnel registers goods to the system on a mobile basis. Counting of registered goods is also performed with the Handheld Terminal. Fixed RFID reader systems are placed at points such as the entrance to the warehouse, the entrance to the building or the exit for shipment, and point location tracking and entry and exit tracking are performed.


Inventory management and efficiency increase with RFID Inventory Position and Counting System. Inventory and fixture counts are no longer a workload, they can be done in a short time. Inventory tracking is carried out by recording embezzlement and other features related to the goods in the system.