LNL Technology offers smart agriculture systems, with the brand AYA-TAR, for greenhouses, fields, agricultural fields, hobby and botanical gardens. AYA-TAR allows you to remotely monitor your garden or agricultural fields, create automatic rules and enter instant commands, remotely control them over the internet.

In the AYA-TAR Smart Agriculture System, data from your agriculture or garden area is received through sensor modules. These received data are instantly monitored remotely. According to these measured values, irrigation, ventilation and similar electrically operated on/off or throttling/opening tools in the agricultural field are controlled. Rules and mechanisms can be created by assigning upper and lower limits to values. For example, you can set the temperature to remain at 27 degrees, the ventilation to operate when it exceeds this temperature, the heater to operate when the temperature drops, and this rule to operate for 1 week. You can set your irrigation periods from the system and program the timing.

While it can control the general environmental conditions with ambient temperature, ambient humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, and other gas sensors, it can precisely monitor the cracking time of maggot eggs on fruit and vegetables with the leaf wetness sensor. You can get rid of worms by applying vinegar water just in time.