CALLVISION Healthcare Systems

In Healthcare sector, there is no tolerance for any kind of faults since the human life and quality of service is critically important. In cases where human life is at risk, the seconds become obviously decisive. In addition to that, the faults which are badly affecting the service quality are putting the hospitals and health centers in a difficult position. So, the tracking of tasks, healthcare providers, assets, mothers and babies are playing a critical role in increasing the service quailty in healthcare business.

More than 10 years, CALLVISION is providing the newest technology systems and solutions for healthcare sector. While CALLVISION prevents faults in service quality with its products designed with IoT and RFID technologies, it ensures timely response to emergency cases with time-critical call systems needed in emergency situations.

CALLVISION is providing “Emergency Code Systems” and “Nurse Call Systems” for call system requirements of hospitals. Also, CALLVISION is assisting to make the healthcare service more qualified and more efficient by “Asset Tracking Systems”, “Staff Tracking Systems”, “Mother and Newborn Tracking Systems”, “Patient Tracking Systems” products. In addition to all, “Surgery Control Panel”, “Patient Isolation Informing Panel” and “IP Clock & Timer” products are satisfying the hospital needs.

CALLVISION Product Portfolio

˚ Asset Tracking System
˚ Staff Tracking System
˚ Mother and Newborn Tracking System
˚ Patient Tracking System
˚ Laundry Tracking System
˚ Nurse Call System
˚ Emergency Code System
˚ Medical Isolated Power Systems
˚ Emercency Service Consultation Panel
˚ IP Clock & Timer Device
˚ Patient Isolation Information Panel