Industry 4.0, the last of the industrial revolutions, includes a production approach that uses the capabilities of technology and virtual to prevent a limp of production lines, increase production efficiency and reduce costs. Every parameter in the production and logistics processes (is the machine working? machine working time, production amount, production time, ambient temperature, machine temperature, the performance of the operators, assembly tables, etc.) takes its place in the internet-based software as an IoT object. All mishaps that have occurred or may occur in the production area can be easily monitored and controlled from all internet devices (phone, tablet, pc) with this IoT-based system. The last point of this technology is the "Dark Factory", also referred to as the "Unmanned Factory".

LNL Technology offers you hardware, middleware, and software solutions for the digitalization of your production and logistics line and the transition of your production facility to Industry 4.0. You can monitor your facility remotely and control production remotely with hardware and middleware software that will easily adapt to your production benches and ERP system with its integration capability. In addition, with this system, you can save your business from wasted costs by eliminating errors that may be overlooked and irregularities that cause more costs.